Boys Volleyball: North Feature Athlete - North Allegheny's Josh Duch

Written by Ken Wunderley on .

Name: Josh Duch
High School: North Allegheny
Grade: 12
Sport: Boys Volleyball
Position: Opposite/Defensive specialist

Background info: Duch is a two-year member of the North Allegheny volleyball team. In 2016, Josh won North Allegheny Volleyball's prestigious Grossman Award. He is an exceptional artist who does work in pottery, sculpture, photography, and painting. Josh is the President of the Pottery Club and is a member of the National Art Honors Society. He plans to further his education at Slippery Rock, majoring in Art Education.

Quotes from North Allegheny coach Dan Schall: "There is no better teammate than Josh Duch. He embodies all that is right with team sports. He is selfless, supportive; he cares deeply about his success and, more so, that of his teammates. He arrives early and stays late; after a match, he is usually the kid congratulating and well-wishing his opponents. There are no statistics to measure these contributions, but we would be nowhere near the team that we are without his character and leadership. Seeing his interactions with his teammates, I am certain that he will matter in so many kids' lives as a teacher."