Jeannette trainer, triathlete coach Mills push week off before spring and summer basketball clubs

Written by Cara DeCarlo on .

It’s been a season of intensity for the Jeannette girls’ basketball team. Just to give one example, Ciara Gregory twisted an ankle the week before the team’s last game with New Brighton. In the game, she injured her left hip. So what’s the Jayhawks’ procedure to be able to turn around and go to spring club teams and summer leagues?

“Hopefully they take about a week’s rest,” says Jeannette coach Luann Mills. “Yeah, I did triathlons so I know after you work, you work, and you work you need it.”

Mills added that her team’s trainer is a fitness expert as well as an expert in handling injuries. This experience is a big help in creating realistic timelines for the athletes recoveries.

Mills stopped doing triathlons to devote more time to basketball. “I used to do them for three years in a row,” she says. After she became a head coach, she focused her time on basketball (as would be expected).

It’s worked well for the Jayhawks, who finish the season 13-9.