Hurdles: Hempfield’s Holmberg loves the “brutal 300”

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

“The 300 is a pretty brutal race but I love it,” said Hempfield sophomore Maddie Holmberg about the 300-meter hurdle race. At last week’s Class AAA WPIAL track and field individual championships, she won it (43.97 seconds).

Holmberg also won the 100-meter hurdles (14.98 seconds). She contrasted the 100- and 300-meter hurdles by noting the hurdle-height and stamina differences. She explained that since the hurdle-height in the 300 is significantly lower than that of the hurdle-height in the 100, stamina is the operative training focus in the 300.

“At practice – we haven’t done a 400 with hurdles, but we do a lot of 400s and a lot of 300s,” Holmberg said. As to the hurdle-height in the 300-meter race, Holmberg said: “We just have to step over them.”

As an interesting side note, Holmberg is the daughter of former NFL linebacker Rob Holmberg. During his pro-football career, Rob played for the Raiders, the Vikings, the Patriots, the Jets, and the Green Bay Packers.

But Maddie is the Holmberg currently striving for state championships. In addition to training, she attributed her successes to her team.

“When we’re running, we’re like, ‘Guys - we can do this,’” Holmberg said. “Me and Jasmine Jones are pretty close. We push each other. We motivate each other to give all we have to the finish.”