Hampton basketball: Scrimmaged Deer Lakes, Butler and practiced hard

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

It’s what happens when you’re really really good at basketball – you find yourself with an eight-day schedule break to fill between the regular season and playoffs.

In what was touted as Sports Town’s North Girls’ Basketball Game of the Week (February 11) Hampton (17-5, 12-0) lost to Plum 49-40. The Talbots’ Amanda Reese scored 11 points in the effort, and Sara Pilarski added 10. But the challenging matchup was probably exactly what the Talbots needed to drive their preparation and motivation forward.

The Talbots scrimmaged Deer Lakes on Tuesday and Butler on Saturday. Every other day, they practiced.

The pairings meeting had happened on Tuesday, February 12, and Hampton became slated to play Quaker Valley on Wednesday. The Quakers will likely be a challenge for the Talbots; Quaker Valley head coach Jim Dudas told Sports Town on February 11 that his team was able to implement new defenses inside of an hour of gametime.

Tipoff times and schedule updates can be viewed on the Hampton page at Post-Gazette NOW.