Video: Gateway wins nail biter with Fox Chapel, costumed student section rushes court

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

Ok, you already know about Fox Chapel’s attempt to close this one at the buzzer, but you’ve really got to see inside Gateway’s gym to get the whole story. The student sections were in rare form, and Gateway’s included a guy dressed like many artists’ renderings of Jesus. (The guy did a “parting of the crowd,” however – so Sports Town was not sure if the guy was actually supposed to be Moses. The theology department hasn’t gotten back to us yet.)

Anyway, check these highlights to really get the fourth-quarter suspense. Gateway and Fox Chapel traded possessions with less than a minute left. On the final time-out, the Foxes huddled to set up a buzzer beater. But Matt D’Amico’s shot bounced out and the Foxes lost 40-38. D’Amico still shot for 18 points in the game, followed up by Brian Papich for the Foxes with 10.

Gateway’s play and Fox Chapel’s almost mirrored each other – the Gators were also all about team play and team defense. It was Gateway’s DJ Boyce who shot for the most points for his team, with 11. Tom Kromka followed with 10 – but all of the Gators had been scrapping and scoring. If Gateway continues to play with the same balance it had in the Fox Chapel game, the Gators will be a difficult team to beat.

Gateway (8-1, 5-0) occupies the top spot in Section 2-AAAA as a result of this game.
Don't miss the dunk footage in the video.