Schenley basketball's Walker, from Mike White’s ‘Where are they Now?’

Written by Cara DeCarlo on .

The following blurb was taken from Mike White’s ‘Where are they Now?’ column in the Post-Gazette’s December 21 Varsity Xtra. City League fans will enjoy the portion of the blurb concerning the recent achievements of Markel Walker, a former basketball standout at Schenley:

“Take a look at the leaders in steals in NCAA Division I women's basketball and three of the top 10 are from the WPIAL or City League.

In games through Dec. 16, Duquesne's Jocelyn Floyd (at left) was leading the country with 5.30 steals a game. Floyd is a former player at Washington High School.

Jaclyn Babe, a Mt. Lebanon graduate playing at Central Connecticut State, was second with 4.71 steals. UCLA's Markel Walker, a former standout at Schenley High School, was 10th with 3.88 steals a game.

Floyd, Babe and Walker are all senior guards. Heading into this week, Walker was averaging 18 points and 8 rebounds a game for 14th-ranked UCLA. Floyd was averaging 8 points and seven rebounds. Babe was averaging 16 points and 3 rebounds...”

Click here to read the full report by Mike White.