Chartiers-Houston's Garrett Vulcano is PG's boys' sports athlete of the week

Written by Craig Meyer and Brad Everett on .

Last week: Vulcano captured his third consecutive section title, this time wrestling in the 195-pound weight class.

Check this out: Though he has made a significant mark in WPIAL wrestling the past few seasons, Vulcano was also a standout for the Chartiers-Houston football team. He was an all-state selection this past season and was also a member of the Post-Gazette's South Xtra Fab 22. Most impressive of all, he was named the defensive MVP of the Class A Black Hills Conference -- the same conference that features four-time defending WPIAL champion Clairton. Vulcano's father, Frank, is the athletic director at Chartiers Valley.

What are you hoping to accomplish the rest of the season with the individual competitions? I'll focus on myself and I hope my friends do well. I'll root for them.

You excelled at linebacker for the school's football team. Does that help at all with wrestling? I guess it helps. Wrestling requires mental toughness and it helps you with football because it's a longer game and you might need more mental toughness.

Was it ever difficult to balance playing two sports? It's not easy, but it's fun to play both sports. It's not that hard. You're with your friends all the time.

What was your reaction when you saw the IOC's decision to drop wrestling? It's not that good because wrestling was one of the first sports in the Olympics. A lot of people have high dreams to be in the Olympics and it stinks because they've been training their whole life for them and they took it away.

What's your all-time favorite movie? Animal House.

A final note: I'd like to give a shoutout for my Uncle Jimmy. Even though I beat his record, he's been supportive of me as a coach through all these years.