Video: Canon-Mac and Butler battle in Class AAA hockey playoffs first round

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

We hope you’ve enjoyed the typical  morning posts for boys’ basketball Tuesday… because now it’s time for some action from the hockey playoffs first round.

The final score was 3-0, but the game was actually closer. Both sides played well. The goaltending was stingy and excellent.

You’ve probably seen in the box scores that it was Canon-McMillan’s Austin Tonkovich, James Oddi, and Colman Slain who scored. However – check the video for action from the Butler side as well. Golden Tornado goaltender Logan Rothbauer made 45 saves. Troy Double had a great breakaway, but the goal became dislodged as he went for it.

Also – it does say in today’s Post-Gazette’s hockey roundup that Canon-Mac’s goaltender Ryan Christian made 20 saves. We got a good Canon-Mac save on the video as well.

The first round of the playoffs concludes tonight; second round will commence on Wednesday.