Butler track team’s Allen received KDKA award plus mentions on the X Morning Show

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

Last week, Butler Area’s Paige Allen received the KDKA Extra Effort Award – a weekly award given to exceptional high school students.

Allen, a senior, is a co-captain of the Golden Tornado cheerleading squad. The squad won its first-ever state championship this year, and Allen has continued her athletic achievements in track season. A veteran sprinter on the Butler team, Allen took fifth place in the 100-meter dash in the Tornado’s home invitational on April 12. Her time in the event was 13.26 seconds. That same day, Allen placed fourth in the 200-meter dash (27.59). There were approximately 60 entries from 29 teams in each event.

The Extra Effort award was bestowed to Allen for her athletic achievements in cheerleading and track, but also for her academics and her community involvement. According to this KDKA video (, Allen holds three school track records and is maintaining a 4.1 GPA. Allen also volunteers with the Miracle League, assisting people affected by Down’s Syndrome.

Interestingly, the April 19 “X Morning Show” (hosted by Tim Benz on WXDX FM in the Pittsburgh Area) commented on the above-linked video. After seeing it, Benz asked why the cheerleaders in the video were shown wearing khaki pants instead of their uniforms. A woman who said she was Allen’s mother called the station and said that the cheerleading uniforms had been returned to the school until the next cheerleading season. She added that the cheerleading squad and coaches felt that the khaki pants were more appropriate wear than short skirts would be for the stage presentation of the Extra Effort award.

Benz then reminded the caller that cheerleaders are seen in the short skirts for many sporting events. The caller noted that when cheerleaders perform on basketball courts and fields, they are below the eye level of the spectators. Likewise, she felt that a short skirt length did not matter during sporting events.

Sports Town e-mailed The X Morning Show and asked the following two questions:

1. Did you agree with the caller about her stance on the girls’ clothing? If you did not, what do you think the squad should have worn at the awards presentation?

2. Often, boys’ sports teams are asked to wear coats and ties to pep rallies or to school on game days. Could the Butler cheerleaders’ khakis have been in the same interest as a football team’s coat/tie combination?

The X Morning Show has not responded, but Sports Town will post an update if they do.