Legendary Blackhawk AD to move to WPIAL

Written by Post-Gazette on .

Maya Sweedler profiles recently retired Blackhawk athletic director Jack Fullen.

"Jack Fullen gets up around 4:30 a.m. every day. An early riser since childhood, when he used to get up to deliver the morning Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Fullen now uses his mornings for exercise, reading newspapers and meeting with coaches.

But that could change starting July 1, when Fullen, 76, switches from his position as athletic director at Blackhawk High School — a role he has filled for the past 42 years — to serving as the assistant to the executive director of the WPIAL.

Regardless of the circumstances of his departure, Fullen, who is only the second person to hold the position of Cougars' athletic director, said he was moving on with no hard feelings and expressed excitement to join the WPIAL.

"Other athletic directors would come to him, so this is a way for him to remain part of it," former Blackhawk football coach Joe Hamilton, 74, said of Fullen's new role. "I'm glad he's staying in [high school athletics], because it's his love. If you cut him open, you'd see green and gold blood coming out of his arteries.""