Video: Bethel Park stacked second period goals for win over Seneca Valley

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

Bethel Park’s Chris Siak got a hat trick in the second period to help the Blackhawks to a 5-2 victory over Seneca Valley at Blade Runners in Warrendale. Seneca Valley was up 1-0 at the end of the first period off of a goal by Andrew Gagnon (Brendan MacFarlane assist). Early in the second, Siak began his run. Siak’s last two goals came within 16 seconds of each other. Another seven seconds later (at 4:40 remaining in the period), Bethel Park’s Jake Worcester added another goal.

Seneca Valley’s MacFarlane added a goal in the closing minute of the second to make it a two-goal game. The Raiders then kept the puck in Bethel Park’s end for most of the third period. However, Bethel Park’s Spencer Bawcom got the last goal of the game at 4:44 left, and the Blackhawks kept it a 5-2 final.