This Week in the City League (Jan. 7)

Written by Cara De Carlo on .

Tuesday (Jan. 8)

Girls’ basketball: Westinghouse at Brashear (3:15pm), Allderdice versus Obama Academy (at Allderdice, 4pm), Perry at Carrick (7pm). Boys’ basketball: Obama vs. Allderdice (at Obama, 7pm), Brashear at Westinghouse (3:15pm), Carrick at Perry (3:15pm),

Wednesday (Jan. 9)

Boys’ basketball: Brashear vs. Brentwood (at Brashear 7:30pm), Allderdice at Upper St. Clair (7:30pm). Wrestling: Brashear at Carrick (4pm), Allderdice at Obama (4pm), Westinghouse at Perry (4pm).

Thursday (Jan. 10)

Girls’ basketball: Allderdice versus Quaker Valley (at Allderdice, 5:30pm). Swimming: Carrick will host Brashear and Perry (3:15pm), Allderdice will host Plum, Obama will host Northgate.

Friday (Jan. 11)

Girls’ basketball: Westinghouse vs. Allderdice (at Westinghouse, 4pm), Carrick at Brashear (7pm), Obama at Perry (7pm). Boys’ basketball: Obama at Perry (3:15pm), Brashear at Carrick (7pm), Westinghouse at Allderdice (3:15pm),

Saturday (Jan. 12)

Girls’ basketball: Westinghouse vs. Monessen (at Gateway).