Football: High school football participation dropped again in 2016

Written by Mike White on .

Mike White reports that high school football participation dropped again in 2016.

"It has been well-documented how fewer boys are playing football across the country in recent years. At the high school level, the number of boy players has dropped in five of the past six years.

But the biggest drop during that time came last year.

The National Federation of State High School Associations released its annual sports participation survey recently, and it showed almost 26,000 fewer boys played 11-man high school football in 2016 than the previous year (some states have 6- and 8-player football).

It should be noted that football still has the most boy participants than any other sport, by far, with a little more than one million playing 11-man football, almost 500,000 more than the second-most popular sport of track and field. Overall, participation in all sports — boys and girls — increased for the 27th consecutive year in the U.S."