Hockey: PG's 2013 Stellar Six All-Stars

Written by Ryan Riordan on .

Ryan Riordan runs through the Post-Gazette's Stellar Six High School Hockey all stars.

 2013 0407 Latrobe Brudnok"When John Winebrenner took over the job as Latrobe's head hockey coach, he knew he was getting a talented goaltender in Shane Brudnok.

But after talking with Brudnok before the start of the season, the first-year Wildcats' coach came away impressed with his senior netminder's "tunnel vision."

"He became really focused," Winebrenner said. "We got together in September and he knew then what he had to do this season to reach his goals. Then he put in the work.""

(Photo: Latrobe's Shane Brudnok is the Post-Gazette's high school hockey player of the year.)