Seeing is believing. Basketball Video has attention of players, coaches

Written by Mike White on .

Mike White's Varsity Xtra column on basketball teams watching game video:

2013 0215 FChapel video
(Photo: The Fox Chapel High School boys basketball team reviews video before practice Tuesday. Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette.)

"Fox Chapel boys basketball coach Zach Skrinjar takes his team to the movies almost every day of the week.

But instead of eating buttered popcorn and watching famous actors, these Foxes might eat a doughnut left over in the coaches office as they watch basketball players on a screen in a room near the Fox Chapel gymnasium.

Fox Chapel's team watches 10 to 15 minutes of game videos nearly every day before practice. Sometimes, they watch themselves. Sometimes, they watch an upcoming opponent.

The frequency of Fox Chapel's movie-going is an example of how popular watching game videos has become in high school basketball scouting these days. The scouting also has gone high-tech, making use of digital video and the Internet."